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Jacob’s Creek (Red Cabernet Sauvignon):

A full-bodied Australian red wine, with notes of blackcurrant and oak.

Nose: Dark Berries, Black Currants, Plums, Vanilla, Oak
Palate: Smooth and Velvety, Blackberry, blackcurrant, chocolate
Finish: Long Finish)


Sula (Shiraz Cabernet, Red)

Tasting Notes: Silky and earthy, this Shiraz is packed with dark cherries, pepper and mocha notes



An Indian but Italian style ‘Spumante’. Fresh and delightful white wine sparkler.

Tasting Notes: Lovely, light, sweet, semi-sparkling. Perfectly balanced with memorable notes of white flowers and honeysuckle


Jacob’s Creek White Chardonnay

An Australian white wine with a fresh and fruity flavor.

Nose: Citrus Fruits, Green Apple, tropical fruit
Palate: Bright, Lemon, lime, touch of oak
Finish: Balanced & refreshing



Sula Port (Portuguese) Wine

A basic blend of the wood-aged port that has spent at least three years in wooden barrels

Palate: Sweet
Finish: Balanced Finish


Sula Brut Cremant De Nashik (Sparkling white wine

An Australian white wine with a fresh and fruity flavor.

Tasting Notes: This beautiful pale-coral bubbly bursts of passion fruit and peachy aromas, with a prolonged finish of red berries on the palate


Sula Rose

An Indian rosé wine with a refreshing and crisp taste.

Nose: Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, hint of floral notes
Palate: Crisp and Lively, Red Fruits, Citrus, Sweetness
Finish: Balanced